The 11 Finest—and Worst—Substances to Use If You Have Dry Pores and skin

Keep away from: Retinoids

Dr. Hopkins urged that in case you have dry, delicate pores and skin, you might need to take into account pausing your retinoid regimen for the winter to keep away from uncomfortable side effects brought on by elevated sensitivity. Retinoids already run the chance of inflicting peeling, stinging and irritation throughout humid summers, so the ingredient is even riskier within the bitter winter.

“That is controversial as a result of the fitting formulation and software approach could make retinoids tolerable to even these with delicate or dry pores and skin, however irritation is a well known facet impact as they bind to pores and skin receptors,” mentioned Dr. Hausauer. She urged that if you wish to use a retinol with dry pores and skin, speak along with your dermatologist first. “I typically advocate a moisturizer sandwich: hydrating product, then retinoid, then hydrating product,” and beginning gradual with gentler merchandise and small doses.

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