Historic Truths Reveal Technique of Immunity and Vibrant Psychological Well being

The world is making an attempt desperately at current to counter the unfold of coronavirus – the invasion and unfold of international antigens into the physique system from the surface world. And to this finish, nice breakthroughs have certainly been achieved scientifically, notably in producing a COVID vaccine.

The wonderful reality is, although, there already exists inside every of us, miraculous immune boosting colleges that are 100% efficient, utterly secure for all age teams and out there without spending a dime.

Due to this fact, just like the honey bee working for the hive, we should be extra proactive in accumulating extra of this freely out there well being Nectar from inside — a Nectar formulated particularly by Nature to guard our personal body-hive and psychological stability.

In tangent with WHO pointers, this text presents historic knowledge on how this pure technique of fortifying the physique’s general immunity and psychological well being, might be attained. How safety from a disease-attracting consciousness might be established and maintained. A parallel technique of resolving the pandemic holistically

Want of Decoding Aged Texts

To current this historic means, of countering coronavirus and psychological well being, it’s a necessity to decode some aged texts: texts which inform of the immunity-providing Nectar, not just for coronavirus however way more, as we will see.

In easy language, then, with regard to this present pandemic, allow us to set up in thoughts simply what the 2 following health-providing scriptures are regarding.

Whereas not referring on to coronavirus, Genesis 12-1 is clearly referring to the miraculous Nectar Place the place all our preventative Honey might be harnessed and saved for well being assimilation. How general well being preservation might be ours by a easy software of thoughts.

Milk and Honey

Genesis 12-1 NIV states: “The LORD mentioned unto Abram: go out of your nation, your individuals and your father’s family to the land I’ll present you”.

Genesis 12-7 ESV states: “To your offspring I’ll give this land”.

Genesis is referring to coming upon the ‘milk and honey on the opposite aspect’ – the Promised Land – a renascence of consciousness which can reveal new requirements of bodily well being, psychological preservation and consciousness, whereas additionally decreasing the mobile ageing course of.

Allow us to demystify what precisely ‘Promised Land’ means. Allow us to uncover simply the place precisely this Promised Land school is, and, extra importantly, how we are able to every get there virtually and naturally.

When these two scriptures are studied from the non-literal perspective, amazingly we come across the innately current technique of halting the invasion and unfold of coronavirus non-pharmaceutically.

To this finish, the ‘Jews’ in Genesis 12 have been commanded to occupy a metaphorical land, a land which lies inside every of us. In different phrases, the biblical scribe is informing us to make aware contact with a Good Nectar, which, for some, can stay unconscious and veiled by closed minds and religious ignorance.

Allow us to make clear this very important time period ‘Jew’. The time period ‘Jew’ talked about in Genesis, is NOT referring to Jewish individuals, its nation or its landmass. No. The time period ‘Jew’ in Bible language is referring to 1 focussed inwardly on religious issues. A soul set on coming upon their very own indwelling Christ, the Miracle Seed awaiting pollination unto consciousness by inward means. In different phrases, ‘Jew’ is a meditator, one awakening unto our personal religious coronary heart and thoughts by internal means.

From right here we are able to collect, that the place Abram was instructed to journey to along with his individuals – individuals which means his ideas — is inside and, to this finish, that he give up all psychological nervousness and battle. The land Abram is commanded to journey to is deep inside one’s Increased consciousness, a state which is all the time at peace, wholesome and Good.

‘Land’ within the Bible means consciousness. And Promised Land means, Potential of Increased Consciousness, Increased Intelligence awaiting internal Delivery.

Offspring — A Renascence of Consciousness

Abram’s ‘offspring’ signify the manifestations of a remodeled consciousness consequent of coming into into our personal consciousness: sprouting-place of the Christ Seed. Religious ‘Offspring’ thus is consequent of internal awakening, offspring to incorporate general psychological/bodily well being and viral safety.

Abraham, regarded right here as the daddy of religion, implies that we should every ‘father’ our personal religious health-faith by renascence of consciousness: thoughts realizing its personal latent artistic well being colleges.

Previous to transformational awakening, Abram – symbolism for you/me — was Pagan, which means non-Jewish, or, heathen. In different phrases, an outward materially focussed soul versus inwardly – a Jew.

As soon as embarked upon a each day meditation program, we every qualify as biblical ‘Jew’.

Abram to Abraham

We’re reminded in Genesis, that Abram’s identify was modified to Abraham. By way of renascence of consciousness, this identify change is critical, for, the term-word ‘Identify’ biblically interprets Nature. In different phrases, our consciousness turns into re-Named, re-Natured unto cosmic normal.

Just like essentially the most sacred of mantra sounds, A-U-M, this re-Named standing, of Abram turning into Abraham, accommodates three vibrational syllables: AB-RA-HAM, signifying Abram turning into vibrational Ab-Ra-Ham in consciousness by meditational transcendence by way of a mantra.

Regards coronavirus, re-naming quantities to rejuvenation of a disease-attracting consciousness to preventative normal — an optimally functioning immune system. At this degree of consciousness, your entire nervous system and mind / physiology operate in Increased Cosmic Concord. The body-system is now producing white blood cells, securing an abundance of antibodies, Lymphocytes or immune cells, the soldiers defending in opposition to international antigen assault.

Good Well being — our Meant nature

Just like metaphorical Abram being chosen by God, we too are already chosen from beginning. We’re every internal designed to provide divine normal, create health-inducing cells and longevity into the physique temple. Awaken the means whereby the mind-body operate synergistically to nourish and heal one another, heal our ideas, create mobile immunity and psychological well-being.

Good well being is our meant nature. Any normal under this degree can typically be of our personal making by ignorance and misunderstand of how our thoughts and ideas function underneath the legislation of trigger and impact.

Endocrine system

The schools for attaining excellent well being — divine Will – are by a healthily functioning endocrine system — the vitality or chakra centres by which common therapeutic vitality journey. And whereas the common Life-Power is already excellent, finally, individually, it is we who select to awaken the endocrine system full blast, awaken unto our religious coronary heart and thoughts.

Consequent of generational ignorance, perpetuated by each day soul-destroying nervousness conditioning, these vitality centres are veiled and closed initially at beginning.

The distinction between a non-spiritually woke up endocrine system — which means spiritually asleep — is the distinction between Mains and battery – one, exhaustible and imperfect, the opposite Inexhaustible, everlasting, and Good.

So, the place precisely is that this miraculous Promised Land which Abram and the Jews — the inward seekers — have been commanded to occupy? – ‘command’ which means ‘divine instinct or cosmic immediate’ and ‘occupy’ which means, set up in consciousness.

Pineal Gland and Kundalini

Journeying to the legendary Promised Land initially is thru the pineal gland positioned between the eyebrows in the midst of the mind. When the eyes are closed in meditation, they robotically converge at this level. From right here — on repeated each day recitation of our vibrational mantra — the pineal triggers the bottom chakra resulting in kundalini awakening for its upward religious journey to the mind, which upward journey, like sap rising up the tree trunk, in flip results in awakening of your entire endocrine system.

Right here we must always observe, that, the tree’s root itself doesn’t comprise or produce the sap. Fairly, when nourished, the foundation attracts sap from exterior itself and merely distributes this very important development vitality to your entire tree. Such is what occurs in meditation: the thoughts attracts transformative Life vitality into itself from Everlasting Being, and distributes this vitality all through your entire physique by the company of kundalini cosmic vitality.

Unnatural Stress Accumulation

With stress answerable for nearly 90% of all ill-health, thus kundalini exercise within the physique is important in dissolving dangerous stress accumulation, each psychological and bodily, thereby decreasing or eliminating proliferation of underlying well being situations at this pertinent coronavirus time.

Virtually talking, thus, immunity is carried on by way of the physique’s capacity to provide white blood cells generally known as antibodies or T-cells, launched within the thymus gland on maturity. These mature cells are then saved within the physique, able to defend your entire physiology in opposition to international antigen assault, equivalent to coronavirus, ought to the necessity come up.

Meditation ensures ample provide of those very important physiology-preserving Lymphocytes or immune cells, plus youth-preserving Development Hormones.

Abram Sacrificing Animals?

The animal sacrifices which Abram was referred to as upon to make are within the mind -the Alter –and ere NOT actual animals. ‘Animals’ in scripture symbolize the personal decrease ego, or carnal wishes, the buildup of embedded non-soul, non-health serving karmic patterns.

As a result of they weaken the immune system, It is these lower-ego stress-filled thought patterns that are sacrificed in meditation. They turn into built-in on the Alter of internal Silence, crucifixion technique of lower-ego.

To qualify this level extra solidly, allow us to consider what Jesus mentioned regards lower-ego:

“The place I am going you can not go, however I am going earlier than you to arrange a spot for you” John 13-33 and 14-3.

That means, throughout transcendence in meditation, increased ‘I’ nature purifies or neutralizes all unwitting transgression equivalent to decrease karmic patterns, thus making ready the consciousness for expression of divine normal, each inside and with out – additionally termed Forgiveness or Grace. These carnal mind-sets can not enter the Promised Land, the Kingdom of Heaven, thus the necessity of their integration by meditation.

The place the place ‘I goes’ is exactly the place our Increased-Self or Christ resides. It equates to the ‘Guarantees of Christ’ or Promised Land – Potential of Increased-Self Consciousness.

Genesis Reference to Meditation

To qualify additional the follow of meditation — of Abram being re-Natured to Abraham — we’re reminded in Genesis: 15-12 KJV —

“And when the solar was taking place, a deep sleep fell upon Abram; and lo, a horror of nice darkness fell upon him”.

What does ‘deep sleep’ and ‘nice darkness’ imply?

As we all know, the solar units within the west. Biblically that is symbolism for the left analytical mind closing down. And a “deep sleep fell upon Abram. ‘Sleep’ in scripture interprets ‘trance’ – meditational trance. Thus, sundown is required to make method for dawn, which means, making method for mild – divine intelligence — coming from the east or, coming into by right-side mind – the religious aspect, the ‘Milk and Honey’ aspect. ‘Darkness’ is finest interpreted as deep internal peace, utter silence; the psychological silence, or sundown, which precedes the daybreak of religious mild within the east – the right-side mind.

Jacob Seeing ‘the Face of God’

Lastly, to make clear pineal gland exercise allegorically, we’re reminded that biblical ‘Jacob’ — which means one nonetheless looking for a religious normal of consciousness — noticed the face of God on the pineal [gland]. This ‘seeing’, means perceiving by a religious Coronary heart and never ‘world’ eyes seeing a bodily face, thus qualifying Jacob to be re-Named or re-Natured, by God to ‘Israel’ – Israel which means cosmically woke up soul.

Just like Abram and Jacob, we’re every referred to as — notably throughout this pandemic interval — to a renascence of consciousness: awakening unto the latent health-producing colleges which alone can produce disease-free standing of thoughts, physique, spirit. When our consciousness, immune system and whole physiology and psychological functioning align mutually and harmoniously underneath the aegis of everlasting cosmic normal.




Source by Raymond Patrick Phelan

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