Unhealthy Meals Combos

We might have you ever to know mates, that nothing occurs by likelihood. Each motion, each phenomenon is both influenced by good or by evil. The issue is that we neglect that we’re in conflict. There’s a religious conflict raging around us and our adversary the satan, as a roaring lion, is in search of whomever he could destroy. He has employed many weapons of mass destruction. One particularly has been very profitable in destroying thoughts, physique, spirit, and that’s meals Mixture.

Many are falling underneath the sting of this vicious deception, believing that we are able to put something collectively, so long as it’s good for us and we shall be superb. Improper, incorrect, incorrect, very incorrect. We’ve changed into too subtle as individuals and that’s one of our downfalls. We have to get again to primitive godliness and ease. The next sub-topics will clarify how the d is hindering psychological, bodily, and religious improvement by improper meals mixture.

Protein and Starches (Meat & Rice)

Any chemistry pupil will let you know alkaline neutralizes the acid. Alkaline is the enzyme that’s used to digest starch/carbohydrates. Pepsin is the enzyme used to digest protein. After we eat protein and starch in an identical meal, the physique detects each meals teams and excretes the suitable enzyme to digest every group. Consequently, digestion is hindered as a result of the excretion of alkaline neutralizes the digestive acids.

Starch/carbohydrate is digested inside 2 hrs. Protein typically takes around 3 hrs. When each are mixed, it retards the digestive course of, the meals which rots in our abdomen consequently, then it’s discarded within the massive gut after around ten hours. Consequently, we develop, ulcers, indigestion, and persistent pains within the abdomens. A slur of illnesses follows as properly.
Simply to listing a number of dangerous combos: Hamburgers, macaroni and cheese, all cheese pizzas, sub-sandwiches, scorching canines, potatoes or rice, and meat. Seek the advice of nature!! Have you ever seen any animal within the wild gathering meat, vegetables, and fruit collectively earlier than sitting all the way down to eat?

Fruits and Meals

The content material of fruits is primarily liquid so it digests very quickly. The fruit sugars are rapidly absorbed into the physique whereas the meals we eat (whether or not starch or protein) require digestion within the mouth and abdomen. If the fruit sugars are held up within the abdomen whereas digestion of the meals continues, the fruit will rot very quickly. Fermentation takes place creating alcohol within the physique. This alcohol is handed into the bloodstream and the blood feeds our organs together with the mind. The punch line is coming…

Dr. Melvin Knisely of the College of S.C. has finished an intensive analysis on the consequences of alcohol on the mind. Alcohol destroys oxygen cells within the blood that feeds the mind. The mind cells which are destroyed are these of the forebrain, and people cells are answerable for conscience, reasoning, and judgment. God communicates to us by our minds. We perceive and study by way of our brains. Whether it is numbed and impaired, we’re left open to the manipulations of Satan. At the moment he employs his best deceptions to ensnare a man.

So he has succeeded in stopping a man from connecting with God spiritually and hinders psychological improvement as properly by the employment of poor meals mixture. The Lord is attempting to get up a few of us with these details, however, will we give up ardor, style, and cultivated tendencies underneath the management of the Holy Spirit? We pray that each man will settle for the fact when it’s offered for the saving of their soul.

Fruits and Greens

A simple solution to keep in mind this rule is that fruits are cleaners and greens are builders. There isn’t any method you may construct and clear on the identical time. Greens are thought of easy starch and digestion is retarded as properly, when mixed with fruits.


Melons don’t mix with every other meal. It doesn’t mix with fruits, greens, starches, or protein. We are able to both eat them alone or go away them alone. Melons received the identified watermelons for the straightforward undeniable fact that they’re made up of liquid. Digestion for melons is nearly quick. They don’t spend a lot of time within the system, they’re absorbed into the physique. Some fruits, like bananas, take around one hour to digest. Due to this fact, the melon would rot earlier than it’s digested if mixed with bananas or every other meal.

In the event you go away a bit of watermelon outdoors for ten minutes within the daytime, it can rot. Likewise, the temperature in our bodies may have an identical impact on it. Once more, fermentation takes place creating alcohol in our bloodstream. We pray that our readers will settle for and reside out these ideas for good well-being.

Sure meals, if combined within the digestive system, will trigger issues with the physique’s digestive chemistry. Completely different meals are digested in several methods by your physique. Starchy meals require an alkaline digestive medium which is equipped initially within the mouth by the enzyme ptyalin. Protein meals require an acid medium for digestion, hydrochloric acid. Acids and alkalis neutralize one another, so In the event, you eat a starch with a protein, digestion is impaired or utterly arrested! The undigested meals mass could cause numerous sorts of digestive problems. Undigested meals turn into the soil for microorganism which ferments and decompose it. Its toxic by-products, embrace alcohol, a narcotic that destroys or inhibits nerve operations. It performs havoc with nerves of the digestive tract, suspending their important motion such that constipation might be an end result.

Source by Dr. Ammar Ibne Anwar

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